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Supplying a variety of critical technologies to the power industry
New Builds
Pumps, CRDMs and a host of solutions for new nuclear plants
Operating Reactors
Supporting 439 reactors operating in 30 countries
Fluid Processing
Critical flow control products and engineered solutions
Containment / Infrastructure
Fabricated components, system interfaces and containment
Control Systems
Electronic components, systems and software
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Diagnostics/monitoring, ultrasonic analysis and environmental testing
Sealing Technologies
Nuclear and non-nuclear pressure seal containment solutions
Engineering Services
Design, analysis, outage support, engineering, licensing and more
Obsolescence Portal
Providing obsolescence solutions
New Builds
Pumps, CRDMs and a host of solutions for new nuclear plants

Pumps, CRDMs and a host of solutions to new nuclear plantsIncreasing energy demand, concerns over climate change and dependence on the supply of fossil fuels are making the case for the construction on new nuclear reactors. Currently there are 34 nuclear power reactors under construction in 13 countries. The International Atomic Energy Agency anticipates at least 60 new plants will be built in the next 15 years. China, India, Russia, S. Korea and Japan have the largest number of plants ordered or planned. By year-end 2008, the NRC expects to have received 15 applications for a total of 22 reactors.

New Generation III + Reactor Certification

The NRC has issued the first Generation III+ design certifications to the Westinghouse AP1000 design and is currently reviewing 3 other designs: General Electric ESBWR, Areva US ERP, and the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries US-APWR.

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control is currently in discussion with all the major reactor manufacturers and A&E firms to supply equipment and services for these new reactors. In 2007, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control's Electro-Mechanical Division received their first Generation III order to provide reactor coolant pumps (RCPs) for four AP1000 commercial nuclear power plants to be built in China.

New builds providers

Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD)

Electro-Mechanical Division began its' association with nuclear power in the 1952 with they development of critical function pumps for the propulsion (power) system install on the USS Nautilus (the U.S. Navy's first nuclear power submarine).In 1957 when President Eisenhower gave his famous speech "Atoms for Peace" to the United Nations and launched the era of nuclear power EMD was well positioned to play a significant role in the design of the first Westinghouse large-scale nuclear power plant at Shippingport, PA. Today they continue to supply critical equipment to operating reactors as well as provide repair, refurbish, remanufacturing, engineering and testing services to the nuclear power industry. 

EMD Reactor Coolant Pumps

The AP1000 Reactor Coolant Pump is based on technology that is currently operating in other power plant applications. The longest running canned motor pump has operated for over 40 years at Mitchell Generating Station in Pennsylvania.
    Design philosophy

  • The AP1000 pump design philosophy is the same as utilized on all EMD canned motor pump designs
  • Stainless steel cans protect the motor rotor and stator from the operating fluid
  • No shaft seals Water lubricated bearings operating with no wear
    Additional features
  • Sixty year life with no maintenance
  • Flywheels to provide the inertia based on plant coast-down requirements
  • These will be the largest canned motor pumps that EMD has ever designed and manufactured.
EMD Pump Design
EMD Control Rod Drive Mechanisms (CRDMs)

Control Rod Drive Mechanisms (CRDMs) are utilized to control the level of reactivity in the reactor core. EMD has over 45 years of design and manufacturing experience withered. There are more than 5,000 CRDMs operating in 88 plants worldwide that EMD designed and manufactured. The latest design is qualified for 7 million steps (similar in concept to the movement of a ball point pen) and 40 years of operation. EMD has over 40 years of successful operation with operating availability greater than 99.9%. Discover more about EMD.

Enertech has been supporting operating reactors for over 50 yearsEnertech

Enertech has been supporting operating reactors for over 50 years with ASME Section III Code, safety-related and commercial products.  See chart (below) for a listing of their products and services offerings. Discover more about Enertech.

Target Rock

Target RockTarget Rock valves ensure safe and reliable operations within critical, severe service environments. Its diverse line of safety-related valves for all power markets includes solenoid-operated isolation and control valves, pilot-operated pressurizer and main steam safety relief valves, direct-acting MSSVs, inverted cone SRVs, severe service MOVs, and a line of pneumatic components.  Discover more about Target Rock.

QualTech NP

QualTech NP designs and manufactures unique equipment primarily for the worldwide nuclear industry. QualTech NP maintains a multi-discipline in-house professional engineering staff to develop and design solutions for our QualTech NPclients’ needs, including:

  • Airlocks and special doors
  • Equipment Hatches and Spent Fuel Pool Gates
  • Outage equipment hatches
  • Electrical control systems                
Discover more about QualTech NP.


Scientech supports operating reactors with equipment, parts, software and information services. Their Electrical and I&C products have become the industry standards for replacement solutions for obsolete electronic modules Scientechand instrumentation for both analog and digital systems. They are the leader in the replacement of Plant Process Computers and their reactor and steam generator servicing equipment is used during almost every outage. See the chart (above or below) for a specific listing of their products and services. Discover more about Scientech.

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